109-Year-Old Woman Said Secret to Long Life Is Avoiding Men

When it actually comes to knowing the secret to a long life, who is the person that would better know and talk about that than a centenarian?

According to some, it all comes down to eating healthy or exercising daily and others say that they have just been blessed with good genes.

There was even one woman who is named Susannah Mushatt Jones, who has claimed that eating bacon was the principal reason she reached 116-years old.

Three years ago, in 2015, Holiday Retirement conducted a national survey of American centenarians – real people that lived for 100 or more years. It included some questions about what it takes to live a long and meaningful life. Shortly said, the secrets included spending some time with family, saving some money early on, working out your problems instead of running from them, and most importantly, being active.

Probably, the most unconventional response that was ever heard came from one woman from Scotland, named Jessie Gallan, who had 109-years-old.

• The secret to a long life of Jessie Gallan.

Gallan has been born on a farm in Kintore, Scotland, in 1906 to a family with five sisters and one brother. Living in a tiny two-room cottage, all seven of them would sleep together on a straw-filled mattress.

Even though she attended school for some time, she left to work in a farm kitchen and then housemaid in the city for a wealthy businessman. This was followed by a career in the service industry in both the countryside and the city.

After that, Gallan eventually moved into the Crosby House, which is a residential care home for seniors. Gillian Bennett, who is one of her support workers at the time, said:

Jessie is a lovely woman. She has got her best friend here, named Sarah Jane, and they are together all the time. She likes her music and her exercise class and is a very independent person. She is always walking around.

According to these kind words of Bennett, Gallan sounds like she would also credit being active and staying social to living as long as she did. But, even though she died in March 2015, her secret to a long life is unlike any we have ever heard. She said:

My secret to a long life was staying away from men. They are just more trouble than they are worth.

Even though we can hear a resounding AMEN which comes from other women all over the world, the secret of Gallan does have a dietary component. She said:

I like my porridge. I have all my life.

Even though Jessie Gallan did not specifically mention any of the survey points above, she actually lived them out. From staying social to even being active, maybe staying away from men was the unspoken cherry on top which kept her going for so long.

However, we are not saying you that you should stay away from marriage if you want to live long. Instead, we are highlighting the fact that a combination of healthy, and sometimes unconventional habits, as well as life choices can be helpful in increasing your lifespan…probably even into your hundreds.

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