20 Brands Of Bottled Water That Are Full Of Toxic Fluoride!

In the last several years, fluoride-free water became a popular topic.

After a lot of people became aware of the fact that fluoride is put in our public water supplies, a lot of them also wanted to know something more about the effect that it actually has on their health.

There were people who supported fluoride as of being able to protect the teeth from decay while others pointed out that too much of it can actually harm their teeth and may also have some adverse effects on their nervous system. No matter of the opinion on fluoride, it is almost impossible to avoid to be exposed to it.

This is the reason why we are going to present you a list of bottled water brands which contain the highest amounts of fluoride and also a list of brands which contain zero traces of fluoride, so you will know which ones to buy when you want a fluoride-free beverage.

However, let us first reveal some of the health risks which are connected with fluoride exposure.

•Health risks caused by fluoride.

One of the most frequent side-effects of fluoride exposure is fluorosis, which is actually the permanent deformation of the teeth. It often occurs in children at the time of the first eight years of their life, when the permanent teeth are starting to form.

The physical deformities which are caused by fluoride include staining, ranging from yellow to dark brown, as well as irregularities in the surface of the teeth and also large, noticeable pits which may form holes in the teeth.

There is another side effect of fluoride exposure and it is negative influence on cognitive development in children.

As one study which was performed in China shows, those children that grew up in areas that had high levels of fluoride in their drinking water, on average scored considerably less on IQ tests in comparison to the ones in lower-fluoride areas.

Philippe Grandjean, who is the senior study author, has stated that this is because of the toxic effect which fluoride actually has on the developing brain.

It was suggested that the amount of fluoride which is going to be required to cause extreme signs of fluoride toxicity is 2 grams in adults, but just 16 milligrams in children.

Moreover, the Journal of Epidemiological & Community Health has published a study that uncovered a connection between fluoride and thyroid problems that lead to depression, as well as obesity.

With the whopping 60% mark, America is actually on top of the list in fluoride consumption.

Compared to it, 97% of the Western Europe rejected to fluoridate water as of the proven health risks.

Despite the peer-reviewed scientific evidence against it, fluoride still remains added to about 70% of US public drinking water supplies.

•Water that contains fluoride.

This is a list of the brands of water you should avoid, as they are known to be high in fluoride. They include the following:

•Belmont Springs
•Crystal Rock
•Crystal Springs
•Deer Park
•Diamond Springs
•Kentwood Springs
•Mayer Bros
•Mount Olympus
•Nursery Water
•Poland Spring
•Pure Flo
•uritan Springs
•Sierra Springs
•Water which is free of fluoride.

This is the list of some bottled water brands which contain little-to-no fluoride:

•Arbor Springs
•Aquafina Water
•Aqua Pure
•Black Berry Farms
•Blue Ice Natural Mineral Water
•Century Springs
•lear Mountain Spring Water
•Crystal Spring Natural Spring Water
•Deja Blue
•Flowing Springs
•Fresh Market
•Glacier Bay
•Hidden Valley Natural Mineral Water
•Mountain Valley Spring Water
•Oasis Pure Drinking Water
•Polaris Water
•Smart Water
•Whole Foods 365


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